Student Game Analysis Subscription

Video lessons, live lessons, and personalized student game analysis.

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Chess University is now offering a Student Game Analysis Subscription service that includes:

- Video library of instructional student game analysis video lessons
- Monthly interactive live lesson with a Chess University coach
- Personalized written game analysis and annotation packages

All tiers of our subscription include access to a live 60-minute lesson with Chess University instructors each month that allows students to ask questions and work on essential chess skills such as calculation, thought process and decision-making. Additionally, all tiers get access to our student game analysis video library, targeted at students ranging from beginner to advanced (0 to 1750 Elo rating such as USCF and FIDE). 8 videos have been published initially and a new video will be added weekly.

For chess players who wish to get their own games annotated by our coaches, we are offering personalized game analysis packages. Getting feedback on your own games to identify misconceptions, weak patterns, and repeated mistakes in your play is one of the best ways to improve at chess. Unlike engine analysis, our work not only identifies your mistakes but seeks to find the underlying cause.

Students can email links to games they've played online or attach a PGN file. Then, our team of coaches would analyze your games and send the annotated games back to you via email. We recommend that the submitted games are played with a time control of at least 15 minutes.

Below are the three tiers of subscription plans available for our game analysis service:

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