How To Handle Closed Positions Part I

Featuring Examples from Carlsen-Caruana 2018 WCC

How to Handle Closed Positions Part 1 is an upcoming live seminar which will be taught by FM Arne Jochens on December 15th, 2018 (at 12:00 PM Pacific Time) that will focus on creating strategic plans in positions which feature a closed structure. The seminar will use positions drawn from the recently concluded World Chess Championship and will dive into the positional nuances of those titanic battles.

This 90-minute seminar is designed with advanced and very advanced players (1600-2000 Elo) in mind and makes use of two-way voice technology. The goal is to have students become more comfortable improving their positions by identifying goal squares for their pieces and preparing potential pawn breaks to generate play. Students will be able to ask questions to Arne throughout the course of the lecture and are encouraged to do so.

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