Since 2014, Chess University's Prodigy Program has been the world's #1 online chess learning program. We've helped over 20,000 students learn chess live online from the best coaches and one of our youth students even went on to become the youngest chess master in American history.

While the original Prodigy Program has been paused to give us the time to fix our websites and resolve other technical issues, the Prodigy Program will be back in session soon and this time we'll be aiming to teach not 20,000 but over 1,000,000 students.

In the meantime, please enjoy these free sample video recordings of Prodigy Program live lessons from June 2018:

0-899 Elo Section (Novice): Visualizing Piece Movement with Kairav Joshi:

900-1199 Elo Section (Beginner): Methods for Winning a Won Game with Kairav Joshi:

1200-1499 Elo Section (Intermediate):
Making Decisions in the Opening with FM Dalton Perrine:

1500-1749 Elo Section (Advanced):
Guidelines for Planning in Chess with FM Arne Jochens:

1750-1999 Elo (Very Advanced):
Advanced Opening Tactics with FM Arne Jochens:

We hope you enjoyed these lessons! Make sure you create a free account at so we can notify you when the regular Prodigy Program is back in session. Also be sure to check out the other courses available at here: