Welcome to ChessVL.com :)

ChessVL is a new website (in beta) by Chess University, Inc. that focuses on self-paced, on-demand video courses. At this time, ChessUniversity.com remains the primary website for our academy but we're actively releasing new video courses on ChessVL. The two sites may be merged eventually.

So why did we start ChessVL?

We've tried our best to offer world-class chess education to students around the world. It's fair to say we've mostly succeeded in doing so. However, our focus was limited to the Prodigy Program and we didn't offer much flexibility in learning chess. For example, suppose someone wanted to study the Prodigy Program opening repertoire but didn't want to study the endgame lessons from that month. Unfortunately, students had no choice but to purchase the full "month" of the program. It wasn't possible to pick and choose certain lessons and study just those. That was intentional. We instructors believed (and still believe) that we know what's best for students and that we have a better idea of what students need to study than they do. But the reality is that many students don't have time for comprehensive structured learning and prefer focusing on topics that interest them.

This is where ChessVL comes in. While ChessUniversity.com was designed for live, online learning, ChessVL is designed for on-demand learning with flexibility given to the students. It's now possible to search for courses by topic and even possible to search for courses by author/instructor.

As of August 12th, 2018, we have only added a few courses to ChessVL but a wide variety will be available by end of August. Thanks for stopping by and let us know what you think of ChessVL!


Kairav Joshi
President and CEO
Chess University, Inc.